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Showboating Winners 2013

WINNERS! We have chosen the worthy winners of our showboating competition. You all made our choice very difficult with some outstanding displays of talent and enthusiasm. We've blown the budget and picked FIVE winners!

- Dan Williams & David Morris are masters of their trade. These two busted different moves each lap, worked as a team and even brought props. Awesome job!

- Mark Jefford for making us laugh so hard we swallowed coffee up our noses(!) with his brilliant coyote jump.

- Ellan Iaquaniello was the undisputed champion of technical excellence with her perfectly symmetrical star jump.

- Last, but by no means least, was Samantha Linassi for laughing while cartwheeling while running a marathon. Multi-tasking madness!

Thank you all for such brilliance.

We have posted a selection of photos on our Facebook  and Flickr and email runners directly with all their own official race photographs.