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Showboating Winners 2014


We're delighted to announce the 2014 winner of our Kent Roadrunner Marathon Showboating Competition - Kate Jayden. Kate demonstrated an unparalleled level of enthusiasm and originality with a portfolio of tricks, using a different one on each of the laps she passed our photographers! She highly entertained our photographers and really took the competition to heart. Well done Kate, you win a trip to a European marathon courtesy of 2:09 Events .

SHOWBOATING RUNNERS-UP: Andy Pittman, Donna Richards & Matthew Pullen

Andy's jump was the most impressive move of all, and came very close to the outright win - massive air!!! Donna was so extraordinarily happy we simply had to offer her a prize, and Matthew's hand-stand was so well done he clearly baffled the crowds! All three win a complimentary entry to any UK 2:09 Events race.

Team Sexy (Nici, Max, Clair, Debbie) executed a brilliant Charlies' Angels pose, and Adam Holland somehow managed a hand-stand while leading the race!! Both performance were worthy of a special mention!

Thank you to everybody who demonstrated such enthusiasm and happiness - you were brilliant!

We have emailed all official race photographs directly to our runners. The full showboating gallery may be viewed on our Facebook page. We have also uploaded a small selection of race highlights to our Flickr album.