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Q: Should I drink as much as I can, especially if it's hot?

A: In general – no.  Drinking too much during a marathon can be just as dangerous as drinking too little.  Excessive water consumption dilutes your essential salts and minerals and can lead to the potentially serious hyponatraemia.  Please review the excellent drinking advice available at the Runners' Medical Resource site.  This site contains a wealth of excellent information, suitable for new and experienced runners.  Please spend a few minutes reading it.

Q: What other races has the organiser of the Kent Coyote Marathon staged?

A: The Kent Coyote Marathon is organised by tzruns.  We have staged the annual Kent Roadrunner Marathon at Cyclopark since 2012. The Roadrunner has become famous for its huge finishers' medals, stunning shirts, professional UKA / BARR-Gold standard organisation and a friendly, fun atmosphere.  We have taken all those same ingredients, plus added new graphics, a new bespoke medal (part of a two-part set with the Roadrunner medal) and created a new event for the autumn.  tzruns have also staged the British Athletics National 100K Championships on the same course at Cyclopark.

Q: What is different about the Kent Coyote Marathon versus the Kent Roadrunner Marathon?

A: The Coyote Marathon is held in September; the Roadrunner is in May.  The Coyote Marathon will run the same course as the Roadrunner, but in the reverse direction. The Coyote will have its own bespoke only-for-2016 medal and shirt designs.

Q. What drinks will be available?

Water and Electrolyte drink will be available each lap (~1.5mi), and supplied in disposable plastic cups. CLIF SHOT BLOKS will power you around the course. Jelly babies & other snacks will also be available each lap. In addition to the official drinks station there will be provision to bring your own drinks. As you'll be sharing the "personal drinks tables" with others you should mark your own supplies clearly. The ultimate in personal supplies is your very own table with your very own drinks -- you are most welcome to bring your own (small) table which can be positioned (before the race) in the special reserved area.

Q: I have a lucky number. If I enter can I choose my own race number for the event?

A: Yes. If runners have special numbers then we want them to be able to wear them! We've had requests for specific race numbers to commemorate people's birthdays, the number of marathons they have run, etc. Numbers are allocated on a first-come first-served basis, so enter soon to secure the number you want! You must be a confirmed entrant to reserve a particular number. For more details, please see this page.

Q: Do you have shirts available for runners to buy?

A: A: Yes! We do love nice graphic design, and our artist has done an amazing job of designing us a stunning technical running t-shirt for our inaugural event. Our garments feature all-over sublimation printing on 140gsm breathable technical fabric. The vests may be added to your race entry, or purchased separately. Follow this link to order yourself a shirt that will certainly get you noticed!

Q: How close can I park my car to the start?

A: The venue has its own dedicated car park within 100 metres of the start line. Sufficient parking for over 450 cars will ensure all runners will get a space. The site is also easily accessible by cycle routes, footpaths and public transport. The venue charges a parking fee of £1 per day, payable at any time during your visit at the reception inside the pavilion. See the  Cyclopark  website for full details. (Google Map)

Q: Which hotels are nearby to Cyclopark?

A: Our recommendation is the two Premier Inn hotels, both situated 5km from Cyclopark. Premier Inn Gravesend Central or Premier Inn Gravesend (A2/Singlewell). Alternatively you can use your favourite hotel booking website, using Cyclopark's post code, DA11 7NP.

Q: I am unable to run. Can I come along and help?

A: Absolutely, yes! Like all running events, success is dependent upon kind volunteers. We absolutely love the happy, supportive positive atmosphere at our events and we always need helpers to look after the drink stations, answer runner's questions, hand out race numbers, etc. Please get in contact with the Race Director (  info@tzruns.com/kentcoyote ) if you're able to help.  All volunteers will receive drinks and refreshments throughout the day. All our volunteers receive gifts from us, ranging from mementos to free race entries, depending on how much time you can spare – please email us for full details.

Q: If I am injured or busy, can I obtain a refund, or defer to next year?

A: It is common practice for running races to operate a “no refunds, no deferrals” policy. We also adopt this policy, but unlike many other events we do allow unlimited transfers between runners. Transfers must be completed officially, prior to the cut-off date. See below for full transfer details.

Q: If I need to withdraw from the event can I give my number to somebody else?

A: Absolutely not. If you pass your number on to another runner without informing us then they will not be insured. This is clearly not allowed anybody running under somebody else's name will be disqualified (as per UKA rules) and will not receive a finishers' medal or result. However, you may officially transfer your number to another runner at no cost. All transfers must be processed before 14th August 2016. Existing entrants can follow this link to conduct the official transfer.

Q: Can I bring my friends and family to watch?

A: Yes, and we'd love to have as many supporters as possible to add to the event atmosphere. The looped nature of the track makes it a fabulous place for friends and family to support – how many other marathons give your supporters 17 opportunities to cheer you on!! We have an exclusive booking for the circuit so it is a safe and convenient location for family. The venue has an indoor/outdoor café, children's playground and free Wi-Fi - it's a supporter's paradise!

Q: Can a friend run a lap or two with me, even though they haven't entered?

A: Unfortunately not.  UKA Rule 212 states: “ No person is permitted to join in a race, whether to accompany the runners for the whole of the distance or any part or stage of the race unless he / she has been properly entered for the race and is eligible to run.”  We're delighted to have friends and supporters all around the course but not escorting the runners unless they are legitimate race entrants.  The exception is that we're happy for careful mums/dads to have their children join them for the last 100 metres and their big finish together!

Q: Can I bring my dog/bicycle with me?

A: Unfortunately no. The venue does not allow any dogs (other than Guide Dogs) on site. You are encouraged to cycle to the event to help save carbon emissions and the cycle route that passes the venue will remain open. The BMX track and skate park will be open (additional cost). The mountain bike circuit will be available for pedestrian spectators. Note absolutely no bicycles will be permitted on the tarmac and mountain bike circuits throughout the event.

Competitors are advised that:

a) All dogs and wheeled carriages other than wheelchairs are banned from the race.
b) Athletes must not be accompanied or followed by others on cycles.

Q: Will you send race packs out by post? If not, what is the procedure on the day?

A: We will not be sending anything via the postal mail. All pre-race communications will be sent via email, and repeated on the event website and our Facebook page. Race numbers and timing chips are to be collected from Race HQ (Cyclopark, DA11 7NP). (Google Map). This is located immediately adjacent to the car park. Race registration will be on race day morning 07:00-8:30am. Allow yourself plenty of time to park, collect your race number, chip and lap-counting bands. The café will be open, so you can enjoy a nice hot or cold drink and relax in or outside.

Q: Will I receive a nice memento for finishing?

A: Yes! We've become rather famous for our huge bespoke finishers' medals.  Our inaugural Kent Roadrunner Marathon medal in 2012 was larger and thicker than the London Marathon medals... and the Roadrunner brought the “huge medal” concept to the UK, with the country's first huge medal in 2013.  Since then our Roadrunner finishers' medal has got bigger and bigger! The great news for medal fans that the 2016 Roadrunner and Coyote Marathon medals will each be bigger than we have ever made before. They'll also be one-off medals for the 2016 events.  The really exciting part is that the two medals (Roadrunner & Coyote) will form a two-part interlocking set (preview coming soon).

Q: What facilities are available after the race?

A: As soon as you've finished you'll be able to take advantage of a massage courtesy of The Healing Zone. This service proved extremely popular at our marathon last year and we're delighted to welcome Cheryl and her team back.   Just a few steps away from the finish line is the amazing Cyclocafe - serving hot and cold food, drinks and amazing Columbian coffee.  Our Race HQ also features free Wi-Fi so you'll be able to update your Facebook status the moment you've finished!!

Q: I have seen that it's a new venue built next to a new road. Are there any views?

A: Yes. The venue is elevated from the surrounding countryside while the new A2 is sunken. You'll have views across Kent to the Dartford Crossing in the distance. Frequent Eurostar trains zoom past on their way to/from France. The lap has enough slopes and turns that your view around the course is obscured to less than 300m at any time.

Q: As its a cycle venue will the bends be banked?

A: No, the lap we are using is for road cyclists and is not a "time trial" circuit. It is designed to replicate real roads, only in a safe and controlled environment. Therefore the corners are not artificially banked or cambered.

Q: Does the event welcome fast runners?

A: Yes. The sweeping and smooth nature of the course is ideal for fast times. A tremendous number of runners, including both men's and ladies' winners set their PBs at the Kent Roadrunner Marathon (held at the same venue) over the years. Furthermore, the all-time British 100km (road) record was set on this very same course by Britain's Steve Way at our National 100K race in May-2014. Four hundred runners distributed over 2.1km will not be congested, especially true given the very wide course.

Q: Will the race results be listed on the Power of 10 and/or runbritainrankings.com websites ? If so, will they count towards my PBs there and my national ranking?

A: Absolutely yes! The traffic-free wide course allows a wide mix of runners on the same venue. The lapped nature of the course means that frequent moral support is available, there are no navigational issues, and no surprises. Our goal is that everybody runs their best race and enjoys themselves.  There will be a final HARD cut-off of 6 hours (a pace of 13:44 per mile - a comfortable pace for a run/walk strategy). Following some past problems with vague cut-offs at our Roadrunner events, the Coyote will have a strict HARD cut-off at 6 hours.

Q: Does the event welcome us normal runners too?

A: Absolutely yes! The traffic-free wide course allows a wide mix of runners on the same venue. The lapped nature of the course means that frequent moral support is available, there are no navigational issues, and no surprises. Our goal is that everybody runs their best race and enjoys themselves.  In 2016 there will be a final cut-off of 6 hours (a pace of 13:44 per mile - a comfortable pace for a run/walk strategy); if any runner has not completed the first ten full laps (13.3mi) within 3 hours they will be asked to stop.

Q: How are the laps recorded?

A: We'll have chip timing, so your laps will be accurately recorded. Of course you'll still want to know when to stop running (i.e. when you have completed the full distance – i.e. the initial small loop followed by 20 full laps).

Four choices are available:

1. Put 20 wristbands (supplied) on your wrist(s) at the start of the race. Dispose of one band each lap into the supplied bin. Once you have no bands left you know you're on the final lap! This is our recommendation as it is a system which has proven to work well over the years at the Kent Roadrunner Marathon.

2. Use your Garmin/watch and press "lap" each time you pass the line to count your laps.

3. Bring a friend to support and count your laps. They will be made to feel very welcome, and it is a great venue for supporters. This is the ultimate in lap-counting luxury!

4. Request the officials to tell you which lap you're on. We'll do our best to tell people, but can't guarantee we can tell everybody especially if lots of people ask at once! Do not rely on this as your only method of counting.

Q: Am I guaranteed a PB at this marathon?

A: The course is undulating, and although there are most definitely no hills here, it is not pancake flat. Our Roadrunner runners have liked the slopes as they break up the laps nicely and vary the demands on the leg muscles. The absence of tight corners, navigation and traffic means that we typically see experienced runners running very close to their PBs, with many securing PBs on our course.

Q: Am I permitted to bring my own personal supplies with me?

A: Yes. There will be four tables available at different locations around the lap. You can make use of any one of the four for your own supplies. You must label your own supplies clearly and we recommended that you use distinctive bottles (eg add some tinsel) so you can recognise it as your own.

Q: How accurate is the course distance? Is it really 26.2 miles, like London?

A: Yes. The course has been accurately measured by an officially qualified course measurer, as our Kent Roadrunner Marathon always has been. The distance of each lap (using the shortest possible route) is 1.29 miles. Runners will run a 0.5 mile initial loop, followed by twenty full (1.29mi) laps to make up the classic 26.2 miles marathon distance.

Q: Will there be toilets on the course?

A: Yes. In addition to the toilets in the main building we will also have portable toilets and urinals situated adjacent to the course. If you need to go mid-race you will not need to deviate more than a few feet!

Q: Are there prizes or trophies for the winners?

A: Yes. There will be trophies for top-three men and women, plus winners of the MV40, MV50, MV60, FV40, FV50 and FV60 categories. Prizes have been supplied through the generous support of tzruns and 2:09 Events.

Q: Will there be first-aid cover?

A: Definitely, yes. Our event medical cover is provided by the SE Medical.  We'll have multiple teams around the course for the entire duration of the race.  We have more than doubled the size of our medical team since the 2014 Kent Roadrunner event and exceed even the strictest UKA requirements for cover.

Q: Can I use the my result from this event as a London Marathon "Good For Age" qualifier?

A: Yes. The London Marathon organisers recognise the event as both GFA and Championship qualifying event. This is one of the final road marathons prior to the July-2015 cut-off to set your GFA time for VMLM 2016. http://www.virginlondonmarathon.com/marathon-centre/enter-virgin-london-marathon/good-for-age-entries/

Q: Is the event suitable for wheelchair athletes?

A: While the course itself does not pose a risk to wheelchair athletes, the multi-lap nature of this event makes it unsuitable for wheelchair athletes.

Q: Are headphones/MP3 players banned?

A: Our race is run under UKA rules, and we ahdere to BARR standards of road races. As such we strongly discourage the use of headphones. However we do not impose a ban on such devices. We expect all our runners to behave respectfully towards one another and to adhere to the instructions of race marshals. Please ensure that any devices do not inhibit your ability to do so.

Q: How does the race organiser comply with the Data Protection Act?

A: The organiser of the Kent Coyote Marathon is tzruns. We take the privacy of your personal data extemely seriously. We will never ever sell your information. We will never pass your details to any third-party, with the following operational exceptions:
a) When you enter you agree to the terms and conditions of the online entry provider (ChipTiming UK or Runner's World). Those providers capture your details securely and pass them to tzruns. The providers do not directly use your data for any purpose other than processing your race entry.
b) tzruns ("we") will securely store your data using offline electronic media.
c) We will provide our first-aid provider with all entrants' relevant medical information, to expediate any treatment.
d) In the event of a serious incident we will share whatever entrant details the emergency authorities (Police, NHS) require.
e) We will use your name and email address to send you crucial pre-race information. You may not opt out of such communications.
f) We will periodically send emails relating to this and other tzruns events to our past entrants. Individuals may opt out of these emails using the instructions contained in any such message.
g) We will not capture any information other than that absolutely required for operational reasons.
h) Your name, age category, club and finish time will be published in our official race results. These will be available in the public domain, including (but not limited to) tzruns.com/kentcoyote, runbritainrankings.com and thepowerof10.info.
i) We will use images taken during the Kent Coyote Marathon to promote future tzruns promotions.

Q: In the “good old days” marathons cost only £10 to enter, why does the cost need to be over £40 these days?

A: Much has changed in recent years with respect to duty of care – medical provision, risk assessments and the desire of UKA to hold road races at private venues away from public roads.  The expectation of runners has also increased with chip timing, updated website, social media presence all considered “standard” now.  Significantly the ever increasing quality of medals and goody bags need to be funded from race entries – there is little money available from race sponsorship to defer those costs. To give an idea of how we spend your entry fee, here is a list of our biggest expenses, sorted in descending cost order:

- Bespoke Dated Finishers' Medals,
- Medical Cover,
- Portable toilet hire,
- Chip Timing,
- Venue Hire,
- Cyclopark donation,
- Goody Bags,
- Marshalling,
- Beer,
- Bespoke Named Race Numbers,
- 3 * Professional Photographers,
- Videographers,
- UKA Race Licence,
- Storage Unit,
- Race Prizes,
- Vehicle Hire / transport,
- Hotels,
- UKA Adjudicator & Referee,
- Race Entry Administration Costs/Credit Card Processing Fees,
- Water/Disposable Cups/Waste Removal,
- Aid Station Supplies,
- Signage,
- Course Measurement,
- Admin (servers/domain/etc).

Q: Does the event have a mascot?

A: Yes - The race is run in the memory of Spike the Siberian Husky.  Spike loved people and adored running - something we can all appreciate!




Nicest looking medal I have yet, almost cuddly lol!