Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How will the race be timed?
A: Following their success at the 2012 and 2013 Kent Roadrunner Marathons we are welcoming back our race timing partners ChipTiming UK. They wil be using their tried-and-tested Ipico timing again. Provisional race results will be available on the day, with final race results and lap splits later published at

Q: Will there be a prize giving?
A: Yes. The event is the British Athletics National 100k Championship and the Anglo-Celtic Plate and both competitions will award their own prizes.. In addition both the 100K and 50K races will have their own prize structure (more prize information here). Prize giving time will be announced in advance.

Q: I have run a few off-road ultras and the distances seem to be a bit vague. How accurate are your 50K and 100K courses?
A: Both our 50K and 100K courses have been measured accurately by an official from the Association of UK Course Measurers. The courses have been issued with measurement certificates   14/061   and   14/062   respectively.  Our race will be overseen by a UKA/IAU Race Referee and a UKA Official Timekeeper. We have triple-redundancy chip-timing to ensure complete accuracy in our race distance and timing.

Q: What refreshments will be available during the race for runners?
A. Water and CLIF SHOT Electrolyte drink will be available each lap (~2.1km), and supplied in disposable plastic cups. CLIF SHOT BLOKS will power you around the course. Jelly babies & other snacks will also be available each lap. In addition to the official drinks station there will be provision to bring your own drinks. As you'll be sharing the "personal drinks tables" with others you should mark your own supplies clearly. The ultimate in personal supplies is your very own table with your very own drinks -- you are most welcome to bring your own (small) table which can be positioned (before the race) in the special reserved area. There will obviously be a dedicated area for national teams' support tables.

Q: Can I wear any shirt/vest I choose during the 100K race?

A: No. All International runners (those running for England/Wales/Scotland/Ireland) must wear their official national team kit. Runners who are members of athletics clubs in the United Kingdom must wear their official club vests as the 100K incorporates a National Championship event.

Q: Can I wear a GPS watch (Garmin or similar) during the 100K or 50K race? I know that these were formerly banned at historic Anglo-Celtic Plate races?

A: The old rule has now been  relaxed for both UKA and IAU races however athletes should note that most GPS devices' innate small errors will be magnified for courses which are a large number of small laps and that the UKA course measurement is superior and taken for performance and record purposes.  The only stipulation is that the devices cannot be used to send data elsewhere during the race.


Q: My friend will come to support me. Is there any limitations on where they can hand me gels/drinks?

A: Yes. The 400 metre "support zone" will be clearly marked and drinks/food may only be handed to competitors inside this zone. It is FORBIDDEN for food/drink to be provided to competitors outside this zone. Furthermore, supporters must NOT run alongside their competitor -- supporters can only "stand and hand".


Q: Am I permitted to wear an MP3/music player during either the 50K or 100K races?

A: IAAF rules have now been relaxed on this, and personal music players are permitted to be worn.  The use of such devices is conditional upon runners still being able to hear marshals' instructions and being aware of runners around them.  Any runner found to be unable to hear the instructions of marshals may be asked to remove their music player – such decisions will be taken by the Race Director after consultation with the Race Referee and will be final.

Q: I see the 100K will have runners representing their national teams. Is the 100K suitable for normal runners too? How about the 50K?
A: The 100K distance is only suitable for runners with considerable distance running experience. The male winner is expected to finish in less than 7 hours. However, the race cut-off is 12 hours meaning that anybody with relevant experience will be made to feel very welcome. The lapped nature and frequent support make this a very safe environment to undertake a 62 mile ultra. The 50K option exists for those who are not yet ready for the full 100K. A 50K is an ideal opportunity for marathoners to put their training and experience to the test just beyond the marathon distance in this 31.1 mile race.

Q: I've entered but now unable to run. Am I eligible for a refund or deferral to next year's event?

A: The 2014 National 100K/50K races are a one-off event so no deferrals are possible. Due to the nature of the event we're unable to offer entry refunds or transfers. 

Q: What happens if I enter now, and am then selected to run for my country? Can I get a refund?
A: Yes. Under these circumstances we'll certainly be very pleased to provide you with refund of your entry fee. Email us for further details: <>

Q: Are athletes in the 100K able to use their 50K split to qualify for 50K race prizes and/or 50K England Championship ?

A: No. The 100K and 50K races are separate races. Prizes for the 50K race, and the 50K England Championship, can only be awarded to starters in the 50K race. 100K runners will receive a 50K split time result which will be eligible for inclusion in UK rankings.

Q: Can I use the National 100K race to qualify for entry to the Spartathlon Ultra Race?

A: Yes. The Spartathlon race requires that you have completed a 100K race in sub 10:30 (or a 200K race in any time). There can be few 100K races in Europe where it's easier (or cheaper!) to achieve the 100K qualification target than at the National 100K.

Q: What happens if I start the 100K race but am unable to complete the distance within the twelve hour cut-off?

A: We think it would be a bit harsh to pull people out late in a 100K race and send them home empty-handed. We're also committed to welcoming new people to try the 100K distance. As such, any 100K participant who withdraws from the race beyond 24 laps (50km) will receive an official finish time for the 50km distance and a National 50K finishers' medal. Any runner taking advantage of this "dropping-down" will be able to count their 50K finish for 100 Marathon Club statistics. Note that 50K race prizes will be awarded ONLY to those runners who have entered the 50K -- runners who "drop-down" mid-race will be ineligible for race prizes.

Q: Will official race photographs be made available?
A: Yes. We will have an official photographer to capture the event for runners and media outlets.

Q: What times will the onsite café be open on race day?

A: The Cyclocafé will open early especially for runners at 7am and close late (no earlier than 6pm) on Saturday 3 rd May. The café owner imports his coffee directly from his family's Columbian farm and it's amazing!

Q: Can I bring my dog/bicycle with me?
A: Unfortunately no. The venue does not allow any dogs (other than Guide Dogs) on site. You are encouraged to cycle to the event to help save carbon emissions and the cycle route that passes the venue will remain open. The BMX track and skate park will be open (additional cost). The mountain bike circuit will be available for pedestrian spectators. Note absolutely no bicycles will be permitted on the tarmac and mountain bike circuits throughout the event.

Competitors are advised that:

a) All dogs and wheeled carriages other than wheelchairs are banned from the race.
b) Athletes must not be accompanied or followed by others on cycles.

Q: Will you send race packs out by post? If not, what is the procedure on the day?
A: We will not be sending anything via the postal mail. All pre-race communications will be sent via email, and repeated on the event website and our Facebook page. Race numbers and timing chips are to be collected on race morning at Race HQ. This is located immediately adjacent to the car park, and just 30 yards from the race start. Race registration will be open from 06:00 to 07:30am (100K) and 10:00 to 11:30am (50K). Allow yourself plenty of time to park, collect your race number, chip and lap-counting bands. The café will be open, so you can enjoy a nice hot or cold drink and relax in or outside.

Q: As its a cycle venue will the bends be banked?
A: No, the lap we are using is for road cyclists and is not a "time trial" circuit. It is designed to replicate real roads, only in a safe and controlled environment. Therefore the corners are not artificially banked or cambered.

Q: Will there be toilets on the course?
A: Yes. In addition to the toilets in the main building we will also have portable toilets and urinals situated adjacent to the course. If you need to go mid-race you will not need to deviate more than a few metres!

Q: Where can I discover more information about other ultra-marathon events?
A: There are some great resources available on the internet, our favourites are and Deutsch Ultramarathon Vereingung