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Keeping count...

Our race makes use of the 1.285 mile tarmac circuit at Cyclopark.

The exact configuration is:

- Start facing the finish line,

- Run 0.1mi to cross the finish line for the first time, then complete one short loop of 0.4mi then cross the finish line a second time. We refer to this initial 0.5mi as “lap one”,

- Complete 20 identical laps of 1.285 miles.

The initial loop and first few laps will be fully marshalled so that nobody goes the wrong way!  See course map below for more detail.

The race makes use of chip timing (just like London), so your laps will all be accurately recorded. Of course you'll still want to know when to stop running (i.e. when you have completed your little loop plus 20 full laps).

Four choices are available: 

1. Put 20 wristbands (supplied) on your wrist(s) at the start of the race. Dispose of one wristband into the designated bins EACH TIME YOU APPROACH THE FINISH LINE (inflatable arch). Once you have NO BANDS left you know you're on the FINAL lap.  You run your last lap wearing NO bands.

To be clear:

a) You start the race 0.1mi from the Finish Line / Inflatable Arch. You do NOT dispose of a wristband after 0.1mi,
b) You'll do a little loop (0.4mi). At the end of this you will cross the inflatable arch again. We refer to this as the end “lap one” (0.5mi). Dispose of ONE wristband as you approach the arch,
c) Each time you approach the inflatable arch you dispose of ONE more wristband.  When you have NO wristbands left you do one FINAL lap with NO BANDS.

We highly recommend you use this fool-proof system as it proved infallible at our event for the past five years. Other counting methods are available, but this is the most foolproof!

2. Use your Garmin/watch and press "lap" each time you pass the line to count your laps. 

3. Bring a friend to support and count your laps. They will be made to feel very welcome, and it is a great venue for supporters. This is the ultimate in lap-counting luxury! 

4. Request the officials to tell you which lap you're on. We'll do our best to tell people, but cant guarantee we can tell everybody especially if lots of people ask at once! Do not rely on this as your only method of counting.

A photograph of your Race Director is shown, looking very fetching wearing his wristbands. Note that we'll have a wide selection of colours available - if you want to copy Ian with his neon pink and green then arrive early before the choice of colours is limited! ;-)

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