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Pace bands

NOTE:  Pace bands now revised for the 2016 iteration of our Roadrunner course.

The smooth tarmac lapped layout of the Kent Roadrunner Marathon is the perfect environment to run an even-paced race. The race starts with an initial small lap of 0.5mi, followed by twenty identical laps of 1.285mi.  See the course page for full details of the new-for-2016 version of our route.

We'll have marshals and signs to keep runners on track, and the first-lap "short-cut" will be fenced off for subsequent laps.

Download Pace Bands - Miles

Our route will not have mile or kilometre markers - it would simply be too confusing for runners to know which markers are relevant on each lap.

In order to assist runners in running an evenly paced race we have prepared pace bands. These show the cumulative (gun) time at the end of each lap, for a range of different finish times.

1. Open the PDF file (click here to download).

2. Print* the page containing the pace band you choose.

3. Cut the band as marked.

4. Cover both front and back with sticky tape.

5. Using double-sided tape or glue, stick the band where indicated. You may need to place the band on your wrist before this step. If in doubt, make a practice one before the day of the race.

* - Top tip is to try and use a laser printer, or photocopy of an inkjet printout. Inkjet print may smudge if it becomes wet or sweaty during the race.